The Swampy is again on the radar for this coming season. While our Guide’s Road Trips do allow you to visit the Swampy with us at any time, we will be there for a week starting the weekend after Melbourne Cup Weekend this November  i.e. SAT 10 – SUN 18 NOV. 

David Pickering and Annella Campbell, will be based in Khancoban and will be running trips every day.

For general information on our Swampy drifts, please click here: Swampy Plain River Drift Boat Trips or lease phone us on 03 5773 2513 or 0418 995 611 to book a spot or learn more

WOMEN’S FLY FISHING WORKSHOP                    

We are running a women’s only beginner fly fishing workshop on SAT 13 & SUN 14, October. It will be the same wonderful workshop that we always run, just minus the testosterone! 

Jokes aside, we already have two groups booked, and we would love to get another 4-6 participants to make it a great social event as well.

Details of our workshops can be found here: Beginner Fly Fishing Workshops

Please phone us on 03 5773 2513 or 0418 995 611 to book a spot or learn more

FATHER’S DAY 2018                    

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we have added a small page of gift ideas, ranging from the inexpensive to the extravagant. As always, our ever-popular Gift Vouchers are available, but we also think that a spot at one of our workshops, or a weekend road trip with our guides to North East Victoria might also interest.

Click here for more information or phone us on 03 5773 2513 or 0418 995 611

NZ TRIP UPDATES                      

This is just a reminder on what dates are still left for New Zealand next summer. With a dry spring / summer now forecast for Victoria, now is the time to book for NZ.

We can only offer eight weeks this year, so please take a look below and get back to us ASAP.

Week 1:   Sunday 13 JAN – Sunday 20 JAN   2 spots
Week 6:   Sunday 17 FEB – Sunday 24 FEB  2 spots
Week 8:   Sunday 3 MAR – Sunday 10 MAR  4 spots

Further to this, we will be listing some NE Victoria back-country trips here shortly, as well as some of our Guide’s Road Trips. You can learn more about our New Zealand Trips by clicking here.

Please phone us on 03 5773 2513 or 0418 995 611 to learn more about any of these trips.


SEASON 2018-2019                   

It’s been a tumultuous period for us these past few months. Selling the property that we’ve worked from for over twenty years, and the beautiful mud brick building that we built to house our flyshop and guests; took quite a bit of time and was a constant distraction. It’s taken a lot of effort to get to where we now stand, and we can now finally just look forward to all the fishing to come.

This is a far cry from the past two decades where we had to ‘try’ and man the shop, mow lawns constantly, chase off snakes, maintain bushfire readiness, and earn enough to keep that monolith standing.

No more.

The future for us is a leaner small business that has retained it’s core group of guides and is looking to offer all the usual services that we have in the past (except accommodation), as well as a range of more customised trips to better meet the needs of our clients.

We have decided to no longer operate a physical store. Many of you will read that with a tinge of nostalgic disappointment, but fret not. We are always here to help, and I would argue that we will be a lot more accessible due to the removal of all the aforementioned duties we were previously expected to complete, before even opening the doors or earning a dollar.

In terms of getting the flies you need, David has taken on The Flyshop and the website has been relaunched just this morning. He is working this as his full-time retirement gig from a Port Melbourne location, meaning flies will mostly go out the same day; next day at the latest. He has made a commitment to keeping this going as a service to our loyal customers who demand not only the highest quality flies, but also the right ones.

David was a full-time guide with us (now part time!) for over 24 years, and he led our NZ trips for nearly twenty years, taking 50+ people there each summer over a 12 week period. He also retains a huge knowledge of the Goulburn River and the streams and waterways of NE Victoria and the Snowy Mountains. Further to this, he will have all the updated information on the Goulburn and other regions as supplied by our staff.

Hence he can assist you in choosing the right flies for your trips, both here and abroad.

For those who want purchase flies when visiting the Goulburn valley, I will have a small mobile flyshop set up in my truck. All the local patterns, leaders, tippet, floatant, fly lines etc. You can either phone me on 0418 995 611 to meet somewhere, or you can order on the phone and we will drop them in Thornton for you to collect from a local store.

As part of this, we endeavor to have some set times each weekend where we will be available to not only supply you with flies, but also all the good oil on what is going on with the fishing. We are thinking of 7am-9am each SAT and SUN at a central, as yet to be chosen place near the the river at Thornton. We will also be available on arrangement at any other time if you can come to us in the Alexandra-Thornton area.

On the services front, we are still offering all of things we did in the past.

List of the services we offer

New for this season is a trip we have been contemplating for some time. It’s called the ‘Guide’s Road Trip’ and the intention is to ensure that we only fish the best water on the mainland at the time of the trip. That is, the location and composition of the trip is not decided until the trip is run. You simply book the trip dates, and we hit the road with boats and guides in search of the best water at the time, utilising our extensive list of contacts to ensure we fish the right areas.

You can read more here: Guide’s Road Trip

On the staff front we are very pleased to announce the following staff will be available this season.

  • Antony Boliancu
  • Bo Nikolic
  • Cameron Parker
  • John Kruska
  • Lachlan Manning
  • Chad Sayer
  • David Pickering
  • Geoff Hall

A more detailed write up on each guide will soon be available and the details published here 

Further to this we have some backcountry trips to list. These are being run by Lachie. More to come on this soon.

As always, if you need to reach us, please phone 03 5773 2513 or you can reach me directly on 0418 995 611. Our guides are available everyday and we can do anything from an hour to a ten day trip somewhere.

We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to fishing with you all again this coming trout season.

Best Wishes,
Antony and the GVFFC team.


Change is in the air.

This is a message to let all of you, our valued friends and supporters, know that we have sold our Thornton property and will no longer be occupying the building as of 18th May, 2018. To avoid any confusion, we wanted to clearly state that we have not sold the business. Our business will continue to operate as per normal, and we will offer almost the same range of services and support going forward, just without the presence of a physical store.

The major change for you is that our cottage and unit accommodation will no longer be available through us. The new owners may decide to rent them out, and we will keep you informed as to their plans once we learn more. In the meantime, however, we are working on providing you with some lovely alternative lodging in a nearby location, which we’ll keep you informed of in the coming months, via email, Facebook and our website. We will also continue to sell flies online, with a local pick up option as well.

All trips, lessons, workshops and drift boat trips, will still be conducted on local rivers and properties. There will be no discernible changes to our either the services that we offer, or the staff we employ.

For those wanting to come and stay with us one last time before the property changes hands, our advice is to get in quick, as the next few weeks of great autumn weather and fishing will go by in the blink of an eye. The river is already down to 4,000 ML/D, and it will fish well for the foreseeable future. The smaller streams are also in good shape, with plenty of options for those who prefer to chase fish in skinny water.

All our staff are ready and raring to go. The drift boats are loaded, the rods are rigged. There’s hot coffee, and plenty of fish getting about. As such, now is the perfect time to make that final trip of the season.

All the best and thank you for your continued support. We hope to see you again soon.

Antony, David, Bo, Cam and the team.

Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing Centre
Free Call 1800 458 111 or (03) 5773 2513



  • WADERS SIMMS G3 Guide Pants in Medium $500





Our July 2018 Montana trip will be our best yet. A completely new format that ensures we are mobile and able to travel to whichever area is fishing best at the time, will see even more opportunities for amazing dry fly fishing.

This is a guide’s style ‘road trip’ across Montana, Idaho and Wyoming at peak time.

If you’re a regular New Zealand Trip client with us whose been threatening to come over to Montana on one of our trips, this is undoubtedly the year to be coming.

Click here for more info on these trips, or phone FreeCall 1800 458 111 for more info.


With the storms of early December now firmly behind us, this month is shaping up to see some of the best drift boat fishing of the season. The cicadas are just starting up, and the dry fly fishing and polaroiding will be first rate in the coming weeks.

Phone today to learn more about our drift boat trips, and if you book a two person trip on a weekday between now and Christmas, we will throw in a night of accommodation, to help make your visit an even more memorable one.

Click here for more info on these trips, or phone FreeCall 1800 458 111 for more info.


Fish the Swampy Plain River from one of our drift boats

The Swampy is one of Australia’s iconic trout rivers. Nestled beneath Kosciusko, it is home to some of the best trout fishing and scenery in the country.

Where and When

The Swampy is a four hour drive from our base of operations in Thornton VIC, so we tend to stay in the area for 7 days at a few peak times each season. Staying locally in Khancoban, we meet clients at the dam wall each morning, or we can do pick ups/drop offs locally if required. This trip attracts anglers from both Vic and NSW, as the drive from Sydney is not much further than for those coming from Melbourne.

Upcoming Dates NOVEMBER 2017

FRI 17, 
SAT 18
SUN 19
MON 20
WED 22