Our lakes

The Fishing

Our 16 acres of lakes are stocked with brown and rainbow trout and are open all year around. The fish range in size from fingerlings to 10lb+ trophy fish, with the average around 2lb. There are plenty of fish in the 3-5lb class.

Our lakes fish best in the cooler months with April to November the peak times, and we have a strict catch and release policy whereby all fish must be returned to the water unharmed.


At first and last light we often get a hatch of midges. This occurs most days of the year, with the only exception being in high summer. Late Autumn, winter and early spring is the best time to fish these hatches.

During winter we get hatches of midge throughout the day and rising fish are often the result. These trout, which are often very large, will feed on these tiny critters all day long.

We have devised a number of patterns and techniques to match these hatches, most of which are based around fishing dry flies. The windward shores of the lakes are always the best as the wily brown trout in our lakes work on the slicks of naturals trapped in the film. Also worthy of note are the edges where the calm surface meet the windblown areas. These are real hotspots for taking the better fish on dry flies. The best fishing is often in the middle of the winter.


We have a lot of different baitfish in our lakes, as well as small redfin. Our trout can be found cruising the edges of the lakes, herding and then attacking these smaller fish. Concentrating on structure such as fences, logs, weed beds, lake inflows and outflows will yield results. Being ready to cast and then waiting for movement is the preferred method to use.

Mudeyes and Damselflies

Mudeye fishing at night is well worthwhile from mid-spring onwards. Fishing with mudeyes out of a float tube, raft or even the bank will produce some outsized fish when the dragonflies are about. But mudeyes play a distant second to the damselfly fishing we have.

Our lakes are not deep, and as such we are continually exchanging the water, topping our lakes up every night from the Goulburn, and so we have extensive cold water weed beds. In these weed beds we have a proliferation of damselfly’s. These insects are lime to green to olive to brown to straw colored. The weed beds are stacked with them, and our fish hunt them relentlessly, above everything else in our lakes. Spring is the peak time for this fishing, but the fish will take a slowly retrieved damsel at any time.

Other Fishing

During summer we have terrific falls of beetles thanks to the gum trees that line the northern and eastern sides of our properties. Any warm wind from those directions see hundreds of beetles dropping into the water.

Also in late spring we get terrific termite hatches and it is nothing at these times to see the whole lake alive with fish. With hundreds of rises all overthe entire surface.

When things are tough a small wet fly such as a Tom Jones, Woolly Bugger, Matuka, BMS will often bring results.

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