New Zealand Trips


  • One full week running Sunday to Sunday = literally one week away from home.
  • Small group sizes of four anglers and two guides. We can accommodate up to six anglers and three guides if you have a larger group.
  • Stay on a small working farm on the banks of a famous trout stream.
  • Price of only  $4,590 AUD per person (approximately $3,200 USD) is all inclusive except for airfares, alcohol and fishing licences – i.e. the price includes all accommodation, guiding, meals, transport and flies.
  • A tremendous variety of trout waters within 60 minutes of the farmhouse.
  • A mix of home-cooked meals and local restaurant/hotel.
  • Some of the hardest working / most experienced guides with a focus on providing the best fishing opportunities day to day.
  • A relaxed social experience each night with the guides and other participants.
  • Our most popular trip having run for more than two decades with an annual return rate of > 80%.
  • GVFFC has been guiding fly fishers full-time for over 25 years.
  • Department of Conservation licensed to guide in New Zealand # PAC-14-06-91

THE 2019-2020 PRICE IS UNCHANGED FROM 2017-2018 & 2018-2019 

Dates are listed based on the calendar year. Hence weeks 12-15 appear before weeks 1-9

DATES  2019                                                              STATUS

Week 12:     Sunday 8 DEC – Sunday 15 DEC         Spots available
Week 13:     Sunday 15 DEC – Sunday 22 DEC       Spots available
Week 14:     Sunday 22 DEC – Sunday 29 DEC        Spots available
Week 15:     Sunday 29 DEC – Sunday 5 JAN          Spots available

DATES  2020                                                            STATUS

Week 1:     Sunday 5 JAN – Sunday 12 JAN          Spots available
Week 2:     Sunday 12 JAN – Sunday 19 JAN        Spots available
Week 3:     Sunday 19 JAN – Sunday 26 JAN        Spots available
Week 4:     Sunday 26 JAN  –  Sunday 2 FEB        Booked Out
Week 5:     Sunday 2 FEB – Sunday 9 FEB            Booked Out
Week 6:     Sunday 9 FEB – Sunday 16 FEB          Booked Out
Week 7:     Sunday 16 FEB – Sunday 23 FEB        Booked Out
Week 8:     Sunday 23  FEB – Sunday 1 MAR        Spots available
Week 9:     Sunday 1 MAR  –  Sunday 8 MAR        Spots available
Week 10:   Sunday 8 MAR  –  Sunday 15 MAR      Spots available
Week 11:   Sunday 15 MAR  –  Sunday 22 MAR    Spots available


Week 12:   Sunday 5 APR  –  Sunday 12 APR      Ask about availability 
Week 13:   Sunday 12 APR  –  Sunday 19 APR    Ask about availability












Staying seven nights deep in the heart of Southland and being fully guided by our professional team, this trip represents extraordinary value and offers you the chance to fish some of the world’s best trout streams, at the peak time of the fishing season.

These trips begin and end on a Sunday at Queenstown airport. An inexpensive three hour flight from either Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane puts you on the ground in NZ where you will be met by our team of guides. From there it is a 90 minute drive along the stunningly beautiful Lake Wakatipu and down the Mataura River valley to our base of operations; a working farm outside of Mossburn, in the centre of Southland, one of  New Zealand’s finest fly fishing regions.

Upon arrival you will choose a bed, drop off your gear and get ready to head out for an orientation session on the lawn. It is here that we check everyone’s gear and initiate first-timers on to what to expect. Once this session is complete, we all head across to the main homestead for dinner, and a discussion of the six action-packed days of dry fly fishing to come.

The Accommodation

The accommodation is clean, comfortable and cozy, but not upmarket. Simply put it is perfect for a group of keen fly fishers who only return home each evening to socialise, sleep, and recharge the batteries. The house is located on a working farm with the famous Aparima River running by less than 150m away.

From this base we have access to nearly twenty waters in the immediate area, and many more within an easy 60 minute drive. You can even walk out the back door and fish to 3-5lb browns before breakfast or of an evening.

The Food

Breakfasts are self-served and we provide a range of cereal, muesli, toast, eggs, and spreads; as well as tea, coffee and juices. Lunches consist of the healthy sandwiches, with the guarantee that no-one will go hungry! Dinners are a mixture of home cooked meals in the main homestead, complemented by visits to local restaurants and hotels.

This allows us, the guides, to focus on what we do best; making sure you have the best fishing experience possible.

The Rivers

Each week we have the opportunity to fish a number of streams, from the large, braided, rivers of the valley floor; to the smaller tributaries that snake their way through the rich, pastoral areas of the region. There will be an opportunity to fish and experience a wide variety of waters; with the choice of where to fish each day coming down to both the weather, and the preferences of the trip participants.

The Fish

While trip participants regularly catch fish up to 9lb on some of the trophy waters of the region, the average is a solid 3-4+ lbs. Most of the rivers that we fish contain good numbers of large brown trout, with daytime sight fishing the norm.

By far the majority of the fishing is done with dry flies. Glancing through our guide’s journals for the past twenty five years reveals that over 95% of all fish were taken on dry flies.

Are you skilled/fit enough to fly fish New Zealand?

Perhaps our most asked questions is ‘Will I be able to cope with the demands of fishing in NZ?’ Yes, it’s true that the better your fishing skills  (casting/stalking/presentation), the better you will fare in NZ. It’s also true that we can get you fishing to the best of your abilities while there, and if given some time pre-trip to work with you, we can get you to where you need to be to enjoy your trip and have success.

As such, we sat that our trips are for fly fishers of all skill levels and all ages. We are very experienced at reading the needs of all trip participants and amending the pace to suit. If you find that you wish to go at a slower pace, we can tone it down as required. Conversely, if you have a need to maximise that one single week of fly fishing for the year, or you’re just an angling ‘glutton’; we can ensure that you get the maximum amount of time streamside.

A lot of this trip customisation happens at the booking stage. Sure, it’s no problem if you book with a fishing partner, as we can go at the pace that suits you as a pair. It’s when you book as a single that we have to work hard to find you a fishing partner who will match your general fitness, ability and expectations.

This is what we do.

So don’t be put off because you feel that you would not cope. We regularly take people of all ages/skill/fitness levels, from young teens to the two octogenarians who book each and every year! This year we even have two people who only recently completed our two day beginner workshop!

This trip is for everyone.

Upping your game

If you are still concerned that you may not be ready for a trip like this, all we can say is please phone us to discuss how we can assist you to ‘up your game’.

We have a dedicated team of instructors here to assist you to improve your skills, no matter whether you are new to fly fishing, or just in need of a little polish. Some of our most experienced instructors are available to teach casting in the Melbourne C.B.D and suburbs; every day of the week.

Further to this, once you are in NZ, our guides will work hard to bring out your best on the trip each day. For some this could mean a little extra help with casting on the lawn each evening. For others it can simply be some extra assistance while out on the river during the day.

Whatever it is, we are committed to helping you get the most from your one week with us in NZ.

We this in mind, we are also running a NZ Orientation Day on Sunday 1st December where participants and prospective clients are welcome to join us for a great day of activities, including casting workshops, a B.B.Q. lunch, and some guided fishing.

Click here to learn more. 

Package Overview

Seven days starting and ending at Queenstown Airport on a Sunday. The trip price includes transport, accommodation, meals, flies and guiding. Alcohol, fishing licence and flights are the only things not included in the package price.

Bring a Friend

All trips are based on a guide ratio of 1:2. That is, there is a guide for every two fly fishers. For 2020, all of our weeks are set out as four anglers with two guides unless otherwise requested by the trip participants. This 1:2 ratio ensures that you get lots of quality time with an expert at your shoulder, as well as 50% of the shots at sighted fish. While we can pair you up with someone of a similar age, fitness and skill level, nothing is better than sharing the experience with someone you know.

For the record, most spots on our trips are taken by returning clients, some of whom have been fishing with us each summer for well over a decade. Most book either in pairs or small groups, with father/son/daughter bookings common.

Please let us know if you are interested in more than one spot when you inquire.


We are licensed to guide in New Zealand by New Zealand’s Department of Conservation in Southland – Concession # PAC-14-06-91. We are also members of the Professional Fishing Instructors and Guides Association of Australia (PFIGA). We  are fully licensed and insured.

You’ve almost convinced me to book. Please tell me more.

GVFFC has been operating as a full time guide service since 1994, and we’ve been running New Zealand trips for nearly that entire time. Our guides are full-time professionals who live, eat and breathe fly fishing. We take trips to destinations all over the world, and our staff are also casting instructors, drift boat guides and generally experienced in all aspects of fly fishing.

That aside, the key difference between us and most of the other guides out there, is that we treat our guided trips like we would our own personal trip. We do long hours when required, and don’t have to be back in time for 4.30pm for pre-dinner drinks (as many fishing lodges require). We don’t watch the clock while guiding, or worry about the price of fuel when determining where to go on any given day. We go wherever the best fishing will be, with the only consideration being the needs and wants of our clients.

Dinners are organised around the fishing, and not the other way around. Sometimes one group may choose to arrive home early, while the other stays out late. Generally speaking the groups are in contact with each other and we all eat together of an evening. But it’s not a set rule that we have to be anywhere at a particular time.

Our guides stay on the same property as the guests, and often come back at night to socialise with the group. While most other guides are dropping clients back at their hotel or lodge well before 6pm and then understandably heading home to their families, we are still either out fishing, or back at the homestead enjoying a post-dinner drink and talking fishing.

After fishing in many of the world’s premier fly fishing locations with some of the best guides and lodges, we feel that we have a package that is unique to us; one that offers amazing value for money and some brilliant opportunities to fish dry flies to big, wild brown trout.

Come and see why so many of our clients keep coming back year after year. Join us for a week of great fishing, good food, and lots of fun.

A few quotes from clients

Hi Guys,

My first NZ trip with the GVFFC team this year. Everything I hoped it would be and more. I can’t imagine a better package for an Aussie fly fisher wanting to experience Southland. The accommodation, company and quality of guiding was spot on. Many thanks to your team and I can’t wait to do it all again.


Hi Antony and co,

As a first time participant in a guided NZ tour I cannot speak highly enough of these GVFFC trips. The organisation and attention to detail is outstanding, and the trips represent fantastic value for money given the long hours we spent on the river with guides who are extremely knowledgeable, skilled, patient and supportive.

As a first timer I was made to feel very welcome, both from the guides and the other fishers in my group. We fished a different river each day which broadened our experiences of varying water and fishing conditions – I have learnt more in the past week with these guys than in the last 10 years.


Hi Antony,

I had a great time again. A lot of fun. I especially like the variety. I only recognised one place that I had fished during the previous two years. There seems no reason I would want to go to another part of the world since the experience in NZ is new every time. That said, there are many places I have been with you in NZ that I would be happy to see again. I look forward to a mix of old favourites and new challenges next year.

I really can’t think of anything I would ask to be changed. The accommodation, the food, the guides are all great. Everyone goes far beyond what is required. No-one seems to watch the clock or want to finish fishing after a fixed number of hours. All instruction is tailored perfectly to our fishing level and physical ability. All we need to do is ask and a patient, complete answer is available on any fishing topic. I also enjoy the company of the other fishermen. All blokes I would never have met otherwise. We are now firm friends.

We all appreciated the lengths that you went to so that we had a full week of fishing despite our error of booking before we realised that there was a Sunday to Sunday turn around. I promise to pay close attention from now on.

Please keep doing what you are doing.


Hi Antony,

Once again GVFFC provide a great weeks fishing in NZ. The effort that your team put in, far exceeded expectations. After six trips it only gets better.



Expressions of Interest can be lodged at any time but bookings will be taken firstly from returning clients from April 1, and for everyone else from April 8th. Submitting an expression of interest allows us to properly plan and gives first-timers a real chance at getting a spot or two. If any of the dates interest you, please ‘Express an Interest’ right now via the contact us form at the top of this page, or by phone!


  • A 50% deposit of $2295 AUD is required at the time of booking. Payments can be made by credit card or EFT.
  • The balance of $2295 AUD is due no later than December 1st, 2019.
  • A valid credit card is also required at the time of booking, regardless of the chosen method of payment.

Our Cancellation Policy can be viewed here.

Trips Dates for Summer 2020

Please phone about the spots available even if they are listed as booked out, as we sometimes have cancellations/other options available. Trips will once again run Sunday to Sunday in 2020 due to the flight schedule determined by the various airlines. Direct flights mean cheaper tickets and less travelling time.

To learn more, please phone us on 03 5773 2513  or 0418 995 611 We are available from 8am  – 10pm, every day of the year.

Please note our Cancellation Policy before making a booking.


We have uploaded a selection of photos from last year for you to take a look at. These pics will give you a great idea of the sort of fishing done and the sort of places that we visit.



Photos from Week 1 of our 2019 Fly Fishing Trips
Photos from Week 1 of our 2019 Fly Fishing Trips
The guys got straight into the fish on Monday 7th January. The rivers are looking great for this summer.