Fly Fishing Bootcamp

Fly Fishing Bootcamp will prepare and equip you for any trip.

Get primed for your next angling adventure with our Fly Fishing Bootcamp, a comprehensive program tailored to elevate your fly fishing prowess.

Your Adventure, Our Expertise

With nearly three decades of international fly fishing experience, the Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing Centre is your gateway to angling excellence. Our global expeditions have spanned New Zealand, Montana, Patagonia, and beyond. Harness our world-class knowledge and prepare for any fly fishing trip on the planet!

Why Choose Our Fly Fishing Bootcamp?

  • Custom-Tailored Guidance: Whether you’re planning a solo expedition, a trip with friends, or attending a corporate retreat, our program is customised to meet your specific needs.
  • Casting & Streamcraft Focus: Master the art of casting and delve into the intricacies of streamcraft to understand the habitat and behaviour of your quarry.
  • Expert Instructors: Our full-time, highly experienced instructors are dedicated to honing your skills. We’re available every day, ready to transform your technique.
  • Gear Up With the Best: Not only will we guide you in selecting the perfect gear, but our fly shop in Alexandra can equip you with everything you need for your trip.
  • For All Experience Levels: Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned pro, or getting back into the game after a hiatus, the Fly Fishing Bootcamp caters to all levels.

Fly Fishing Bootcamp will set you up for fly fishing success

What’s Included with Fly Fishing Bootcamp?

Skill Refinement

  • Comprehensive casting tutorials
  • Essential knots and rigging
  • Reading water and locating fish
  • Effective fly selection
  • Understanding fish behaviour

Gear Selection

  • Professional advice on selecting the right gear
  • Access to our fly shop in Alexandra for all your equipment needs


  • Tap into our 30 years of global fly fishing experience
  • Learn invaluable insights that can only be gained from years of international angling

Gear up with our Fly Fishing Bootcamp. We're here to help you prepare for any trip, anywhere.

Gear Up for Success!

Don’t let your next fly fishing trip catch you unprepared. With the Fly Fishing Bootcamp, you’ll be geared for success, no matter where your adventure takes you.

Ready to Dive In?

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