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Transform Your Experience with Our Fly Fishing Lessons

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of fly fishing with GV Fly Fishing. We’ve been championing and teaching the art of fly fishing since 1994, sharing our passion, knowledge, and skills with thousands of enthusiastic learners just like you. Our innovative and comprehensive fly fishing lessons are designed to meet the needs of individuals at every skill level, from beginner to advanced.

Three-tiered Lesson Structure


We’ve structured our workshops and lessons across three distinct levels, ensuring we have the perfect course to suit your individual needs and experience. This multi-tiered approach enables us to offer tailored learning experiences to help you truly elevate your fly fishing skills.

  • Level 1: For beginners and intermediate learners, or those returning after a long hiatus. Our foundational workshops focus on developing essential skills and knowledge.
  • Level 2: Designed for those who already have a basic understanding and can cast but wish to expand their knowledge and expertise.
  • Level 3 – Fly Masters: Denoting high achievement in fly fishing, these intensive, multi-module courses delve deeply into specific areas of the sport.

For learners seeking a personalised experience, we also offer private lessons across all three levels, providing focused, one-on-one instruction, available any day of the year.

Our Fly Fishing Lesson Offerings

Level 1: Beginner’s Journey

  • Beginner Workshops: These two-day, cost-effective workshops equip beginners or intermediate fly fishers with the skills and knowledge required to catch fish in the wild.  DISCOVER MORE
  • Private Lessons: Covering all the material of the Beginner Workshop, these private sessions offer a personalised learning experience on any day of the year. DISCOVER MORE

Level 2: Expanding Horizons

  • Private Streamcraft Lessons: This offering builds upon the knowledge and skills acquired in the beginner workshop and private lessons

Level 3: Fly Masters

  • Fly Masters: Our most comprehensive offering yet, featuring 20 modules of 3 hours each, providing expert knowledge in fly fishing.  DISCOVER MORE

Outdoor Education Programs for Secondary Schools

We’re also proud to offer secondary college programs for groups of students, ranging from 1-5 days in duration. We expertly blend fly fishing, teamwork, and immersive natural experiences to empower students, topping it off with a memorable trip to New Zealand. Dive in to discover more about our unique offerings.  DISCOVER MORE

Why Choose GV Fly Fishing Lessons

At GV Fly Fishing, we’re passionate about sharing our love of fly fishing with you. Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced fisher wanting to hone your skills, we’re committed to providing exceptional and comprehensive fly fishing lessons. Start your fly fishing journey with us today!



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