Fly Fishing Refresher Days

Join us for a relaxed day of personalised fly fishing instruction this September and waste no time putting a bend back in the old fly rod this spring.

For just $290 p.p. participants will receive a full day of instruction, starting off with a comprehensive casting refresher in the morning, and culminating in a session/s on a river.

The day will be comprised of the following components :

  • casting instruction and improvement.
  • entomology and fly selection as it relates to spring fishing.
  • methods and locations for early season fishing including large and small rivers.

Included in the low price are:

  • all instruction.
  • lunch, drinking water and tea/coffee.
  • a warm fire in the shop.
  • the use of any gear.

This session is scheduled to run on Opening Day Saturday 5th, September – but can be run at anytime throughout September at a discounted rate of $590 for a full day. Come on your own or bring a friend and split the cost.

Take advantage of this special offer (September only) and be sure to get your new season off to the best possible start.

Phone us on 03 5773 2513 for more information.

A nice rainbow from a session in the cold on Tuesday