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drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river. the only way to fish.

Discover the Ultimate Tranquillity of drift boat fly fishing

Embark on the most tranquil journey with our uniquely relaxing fly fishing experience, designed to transport you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Engage in the meditative act of watching your drifting fly while absorbing the enchanting sights and sounds of the glorious Goulburn River. Drift boat fly fishing is your passport to the best fly fishing in Victoria.

Limited Time, Maximum Experience

For those with a tighter schedule, our drift boat guarantees the optimal chance of having a successful outing on any day. We proudly offer a range of services, from half-day (5-hour) adventures to full-day (8-hour) experiences, covering an impressive 15-25 km of river.

Experience Unrivalled Expertise

As the exclusive professional drift boat service on the Goulburn River, we bring to the table 29 years of incident-free, full-time operation. Our team comprises the finest local guides, dedicated to showing you an unparalleled day trip within a stone’s throw from Melbourne.

The Tailored Adventure

Our multi-day, multi-boat expeditions are a hallmark of our service, uniquely tailored to your group’s preferences. From drift boat fishing to walk/wade fishing, we can craft a custom itinerary for you. We also facilitate accommodation ranging from comfy hotel rooms to lavish private homesteads.

Spontaneous Drift boat fishing? We’ve Got You Covered

We often accommodate last-minute inquiries and can be ready to set sail within 30 minutes of your call.

drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river. fish 20 km of water in a single day.

What’s Included?

  • Professional guide and imported drift boat
  • Drinking water, plus tea and coffee (during cooler periods)
  • Use of any gear
  • Flies (billed at standard shop prices for lost items)

We welcome all fly fishers of any age – our youngest angler this year was 10, and our most senior, 90. However, to fully enjoy your day, you should be capable of casting 10-15 meters. Our drift boat service is not suitable for beginner fly fishers.

Explore the Magnificent Goulburn River

Float Your Way to Success

Fishing from a drifting boat offers a captivatingly enjoyable approach to fly fishing for trout. Since 1994, we’ve been offering daily float trips on the Goulburn River. Drift boats offer exceptional comfort and safety under expert guidance, giving you access to countless fish-friendly spots.

Why Choose a Drift Boat?

  • Access to remote backwaters and off-river lagoons for spectacular sight fishing
  • Mid-river gravel bars, unreachable by bank anglers, offering exclusive fishing spots
  • Coverage of up to 25 kilometers of river in a day
  • Ability to fish countless features like bubble lines, outer edges of willow trees, backwaters, side channels, and gravel bars; many unreachable for wading anglers
  • Have the opportunity to see platypus up close

you will encounter platypus when drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river.

Drift Boat Fly Fishing Prices

  • Half Day – 5 hours: TOTAL PRICE PER BOAT $650 — for either 1 or 2 anglers
  • Full Day – 8 hours: TOTAL PRICE PER BOAT $850 — 1 or 2 for either anglers

Note: A $100 deposit is all that is required to secure your booking, with the balance due on the day of your trip. A $50 discount is offered to those paying their balance in cash.

Prices are subject to change and will be reviewed on July 1 of every year.


Client Reviews

The Only Way to Fly Fish the Goulburn River

No matter where you are in your flyfishing journey, a drift boat trip on the Goulburn River with Anthony and his team is guaranteed to be one of your most memorable fishing experiences. Anthony’s expert guidance and exceptional oarsmanship, along with his unwavering dedication to his clients, truly set him apart. This was particularly evident during our recent 6-day outing with a group of 4 requiring two guides. When one guide had an unfortunate accident just before our trip, Anthony swiftly found a replacement within hours, ensuring no delay or disruption to our eagerly anticipated fishing adventure.

We have been loyal clients of GVFFC for over a decade, and our recent experience only strengthens our commitment to continue our relationship for as long as we’re able to cast a fly rod.

– Rupert

The closest experience to Montana in Australia

Without a doubt, my experience on the Goulburn with Anthony and his team was absolutely top-notch, and closest to what you’d get in Montana right here in Australia. Their deep knowledge and expert use of imported drift boats made for an unforgettable day on the river.

Despite my years of fishing the Goulburn, I was astounded by the number of thriving brown trout that Anthony helped us find time and again. Even during the holiday rush between Christmas and New Year’s, we were able to land some impressive fish. The boat itself was spacious and incredibly stable, offering more comfort than I had anticipated.

The highlight of the trip was as the sunset cast stunning hues across the river, providing a breathtaking backdrop that almost made me forget I was there to fish. I will definitely return for more of these 10/10 experiences. I couldn’t recommend GVFFC more highly for any fly fishing enthusiast’s bucket list.


Floating the Goulburn

As seasoned fly-fishers who’ve frequented many top-tier trout rivers in the western US, we had the most unforgettable fly-fishing adventure of our lives on the Goulburn River with Antony. This experienced guide expertly guided us to several sizable brown and rainbow trouts across nearly 15 miles of the river. The idyllic stretches of pastoral land, adorned only with the occasional cow and a lone llama, were ours to enjoy alone on the drift boat.

Our time on the water was punctuated with enlightening exchanges with Antony on various topics. His fervor as a conservationist aiming to preserve the fish population in the Goulburn is inspiring, epitomized in his license plate – LETMGO – a clever nod to Engelbert Humperdinck’s song “Please Release Me”, a fitting anthem for trout fishermen globally. From two delighted Coloradans, a resounding five-star salute to Antony and the Goulburn.

– Dan

Another Successful Trip

We’ve just wrapped up our second adventure with Antony and Lachie from Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing, a splendid three-day trip around Anzac Day. It was filled with top-notch fishing, expert guidance, and stunning landscapes. The use of two drift boats enabled us to explore parts of the river unreachable from the shore, granting us diverse fishing experiences. From casting to sighted fish, prospecting fast riffles, and exploring around many log falls – the range was fantastic. It’s an experience we highly recommend, and we’re eager to return.

– Steve

The Drift Boat Fly Fishing Specialists:
Pioneers in the Field

In 1994, we made history by being the first to launch a drift boat on the river, spearheading a new era of fly fishing. With our unmatched experience of over 10,000 successful drifts since then, we’ve not only maintained an impeccable safety record but have also continually exceeded the expectations of thousands of fly fishers.

Our seasoned guides bring their in-depth knowledge and skill to every drift, providing an unrivalled fly fishing experience. And don’t just take our word for it – the satisfaction of our guests shines through in our glowing TripAdvisor and Google reviews.

In an ever-evolving field, we continue to lead the pack, ensuring that every fly fishing trip you embark on with us is nothing short of extraordinary. Experience the thrill and precision of drift boat fly fishing with the original pioneers.

Join us for a day of unforgettable fly fishing and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our guarantee of a memorable, snake-free day out on the Goulburn River.

Please phone us on 03 5773 2513 or 0418 995 611, available from 8am – 10pm, every day.

By proceeding with your booking, you acknowledge and agree to our Cancellation Policy. Please ensure you have reviewed and understood this policy prior to finalising your reservation. Your understanding and compliance are greatly appreciated.




drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river puts you across hundreds of fish per drift



Another fish caught drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river.

A FlyLife article featuring drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river. A FlyLife article featuring drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river. A FlyLife article featuring drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river.


You'll see miles and miles of stunning scenery when drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river.

You'll see so much river when drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river.

Our guides know how to find the better browns when drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river.

A beautiful brown trout caught while drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river. Catch and release is company policy for all trips, including when drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river.

drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river.

Another fish in the net. You can’t beat drift boat fly fishing on the goulburn river.

Drift boating the Goulburn River


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