Mission Statement


Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing strives to help everyone get outdoors with a fly rod, in a manner that sustains both our fisheries and our future.

Guiding Principles


While we have always had a zero fish kill policy, we have found it necessary to make further changes to try and do our part to combat the ever-more obvious effects of climate change.

All of our drinking water is now filtered and re-bottled in-house. The continued use of plastics and other single-use fossil fuel derivatives now being unquestionably unsustainable.

Furthermore, we will strive to achieve a 100% carbon neutral position this financial year via the installation of solar panels at our base of operations. A tally of all fuel (including air travel) and electricity used, will be kept each year. These unavoidable costs of doing business will be compensated for by the purchase of carbon forestry offsets at the E.O.F.Y.

We see our obligation to both the environment and to future generations as a crucial factor in our continued commercial viability, and also as an ethical imperative. Therefore we are dedicated to operating in a manner that is both environmentally sustainable and ecologically responsible.