Scenic Boat Trips (Platypus and Bird watching)

Leave your cares behind as you step aboard one of our specially imported drift boats to experience a wonderful 2-2.5 hour drift on the majestic Goulburn River between the towns of Alexandra, Eildon and Thornton; less than two hours drive from Melbourne.

Explore this diverse and beautiful river system and view the elusive native platypus at close quarters in their natural habitat. Our experienced guides will get you close enough to view them with the naked eye, often to within 5-10 metres.

Platypus are shy but active mammals that are constantly feeding, and they are easily found in the stretch of river between Eildon and Alexandra. On a typical two and a half hour drift we spot between 3 – 10 platypus; the Goulburn River being one of the most reliable locations in Australia for viewing these amazing native animals in the wild.

Over the past 25 years we have had an amazing 90% sighting success rate.

These trips are also perfect for avid bird watchers and bird photographers. Drifting  in a silent boat allows us to stealthily approach birds on both sides of the river, and the stable nature of the boats makes viewing with binoculars possible.

Regularly seen species include:

  • Wedged Tailed Eagles.
  • Swans.
  • Kookaburras.
  • Kingfishers.
  • Wombats.
  • Kangaroos.
  • Koalas.
  • Echidnas

drift boat guided fly fishing goulburn river australiaOur drift boats provide the perfect platform for exploring this large river. These handcrafted boats are safe, stable and silent; and we can take up to three guests (and a guide) per boat.

All of our boats are skippered by an experienced river guide with 25+ years of guiding experience.  Your guide will maneuver the boat, point out animals, birds and areas of interest, as well as ensure your complete safety while out on the water.

The boats are made from fibreglass and are human-powered, with your guide using a set of 10 foot oars to negotiate the currents and obstacles as you drift silently down the river. Having no motor means that we have no negative impact on the river or the creatures that inhabit its waters.

These drifts are suitable for people of any age or fitness level. Cold, fresh drinking water is provided for all participants, and we can pick up and drop off from all local accommodation venues.

A pair of top of the range Swarovski EL 8.5 x 42 binoculars are on board each of our boats for your viewing pleasure.


Trips start near the towns of Alexandra, Thornton and Eildon in the Goulburn Valley just under two hours from Melbourne CBD and Melbourne Airport.


Trips are available everyday on arrangement. Last minute bookings a specialty. We can start as early or as late in the day as you like. The best chance of seeing platypus are between 6am – 11am and in the last two hours of daylight.


The price per boat is $450 and a boat can take up to 3 guests. We have up to five boats if you have a larger group.


Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing has been running daily river tours since 1994 and we have not had a single safety incident during that time.



Please phone us 03 5773 2513 or 0418 995 611 between 8am and 10pm, 7 days a week. We are always here to help and to answer any questions that you may have.