The Art of Streamcraft: Unlocking Your Fly Fishing Potential

Streamcraft Tuition for all fly fishers

Don't get caught short - our fly fishing lessons will get you up and running in the shortest space of time possible.


Streamcraft lessons set participants up with the essential collection of skills required to find, fool, and catch trout in flowing waters. Established and popularised in Australia by our team since 1994, streamcraft is a transformative element in your fly fishing journey. If you’ve been struggling to catch fish consistently or wish to hone your river fishing skills, our streamcraft lessons are ideal for you.

Why Choose a Streamcraft Lesson

  • Ideal progression after our two-day beginner fly fishing workshop
  • Perfect preparation for major fly fishing trips within Australia or internationally
  • Expert guidance to correct bad habits and advance your fishing skills

Streamcraft isn’t just about fishing—it’s about reading the water, understanding the behavior of the fish, and making strategic decisions. Let’s cut short the guessing game and speed up your learning process.

Our Expert Team

Our instructors are not only ‘mad’ about river fishing but also have a rich experience of trout fishing in running waters. Out there on the rivers and streams, every single day, our guides have honed their skills and are ready to share their wisdom with you.

Our Premier Location

Back in 1994, we chose Alexandra / Thornton as our base, and for a good reason. It’s blessed with two of Victoria’s best rivers within a stone’s throw – the Goulburn and Rubicon. These rivers offer diverse and complementary fishing experiences, making them excellent ‘classrooms’ for streamcraft instruction.

Streamcraft Lessons: What to Expect

Our sessions are tailored to your needs and the prevailing conditions. We might spend time on two rivers, focusing on small and large stream skill-sets, or delve deep into a specific technique on a single river. Here’s a glimpse of what our full-day streamcraft session might include:

  • Gear selection and set up
  • Reading the water
  • Safe and stealthy wading
  • Locating trout, fishing methods and selecting flies
  • Mastering casting techniques and drag-free drifts
  • Ethical interactions with fish, streams, landowners, and other anglers

Flexible Availability and Booking

Our guided fishing and tuition services are available every day of the year, and can be booked by the hour, half day or full day, according to your convenience.

Your Trip, Your Way

Total Price No. of Anglers
$550 Up to 2
$750 Up to 2
Deposit – Just $100 reserves your spot with the balance due on the day. Pay the balance in cash and save $50 off the advertised price.

Please note that our listed prices are for the entire service, not per person. For example, if you book a half-day guided trip at $550, the price is the same whether you’re one or two people. So if you booked with a mate, you could split the cost and pay just $275 each.

Our guided trips include gear (if required), all flies, drinking water, and coolers for your lunch. Please note, the prices listed are for the service as a whole, irrespective of whether it’s one or two people.

For more information, check our current prices here or phone us on 03 5773 2513 or 0418 995 611 from 8am – 10pm, every day of the year.

Please review our Cancellation Policy before making a booking.

With our guidance, you’ll be on the fast track to fly fishing proficiency, unlocking the full joy of this thrilling sport.

Learn the art of matching the hatch and fly selection by choosing one of our streamcraft Lessons

Our Streamcraft Lessons are worth their weight in cold. They'll shave years off the learning process and advance you to the front of the queue.



Streamcraft Lessons will have you catching fish in no time.

Streamcraft Lessons


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