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2022 – 2023 DATES
SUN ]th JUNE – FRI ]th, JULY, 2022 O]
SUN th JULY – FRI rd, JULY, 2022 ]
  • this is the ultimate Montana trip with three separate legs across three regions.
  • 9 days of guided fly fishing and 12 nights of accommodation
  • Two full days for sightseeing to historical sites and in Yellowstone National Park.
  • includes all transport, accommodation and guided fishing.
  • a chance to fish the famed Bighorn, Yellowstone, Missouri, Beaverhead, Madison and Big Hole rivers in Montana; and the Henry’s Fork, South Fork and Teton rivers in Idaho.
  • comfortable twin-share accommodation.
  • we use only the best local guides available. Please note that our staff are fishing on this trip, not guiding.
  • lunches are included on all guided days.
  • strictly limited numbers.
  • Suitable for all fly fishers regardless of age / experience / fitness level.
  • Bring a friend or let us find you a partner. Couples are most welcome.
  • PRICE of $7,500 U.S.D. per person.
  • Prefer a shorter trip? Ask about our week long trips at $5,500 U.S.D per person.
  • Book this trip as a pair and receive a free full day drift boat trip on the Goulburn River valued at $700.
  • Read our TripAdvisor reviews and see what our clients have to say about these superb trips to North America.

DAY 1   Arrive Bozeman Montana airport and drive to Craig, Montana.
DAY 2   Full day fishing Missouri River or Bighorn River.
DAY 3   Full day fishing Missouri River or Bighorn River.
DAY 4   Full day fishing Missouri River or Bighorn River.
DAY 5   Rest day sightseeing while driving to Dillon or Ennis, Montana 
DAY 6  Full day fishing Beaverhead, Madison, Ruby, Big Hole, Jefferson
DAY 7   Full day fishing Beaverhead, Madison, Ruby, Big Hole, Jefferson
DAY 8  Full day fishing Beaverhead, Madison, Ruby, Big Hole, Jefferson
DAY 9   Rest day sightseeing while driving to Victor, Idaho.
DAY 10   Full day fishing South Fork, Teton, Snake, Green, Henry’s Fork.
DAY 11   Full day fishing South Fork, Teton, Snake, Green, Henry’s Fork
DAY 12   Full day fishing South Fork, Teton, Snake, Green, Henry’s Fork
DAY 13   Trip ends at Jackson Hole Airport.
Drifting the South Fork of the Snake with WorldCast Anglers –

This whirlwind road trip of Montana and Idaho begins in Montana and ends 13 days later in Wyoming.

Participants will be met at Bozeman airport and then driven to 2h 20m to our first stop for three nights and three days fishing on the legendary Missouri River with guides sourced through Jerry Lappier and Chris Goodman of legendary outfitters; The Troutshop.


Craig, MT. Missouri River 4

Staying on the best section of the ‘Mighty Mo’; one of the best trout rivers on earth, you will be well-placed for the three days of drift boat and wade fly fishing to follow. This upper section of the river, immediately below the Holter Dam and near the town of Craig, can best be described as ‘spring creek’ like and is jam-packed with good-sized brown and rainbow trout.

It is approximately 50-90 metres wide and mostly 3-5 feet deep with amazing weed-beds, and stupendous numbers of aquatic insects.

Perfect trout habitat.

It has ridiculous numbers of both brown and rainbow trout, the sizes of which regularly see it ranked among the best trout fisheries in the lower 48.  We guarantee that you will see more trout than you’ve ever seen before. And you’ll catch quite a few of them too.

Drifts will start by 9 a.m. and go through until around 5 p.m., with the option to start as early as 6.30 – 7 a.m. for those who want to try their hand at trico fishing at first light and beat the afternoon heat.

We use only the best of the local guides sourced through our great friends Chris and Jerry at The Troutshop in Craig. They are living legends on this river, and they operate one of the finest Flyshops / Outfitters to be found anywhere in the world.

So trust us when we say that you will be in the very best of hands.

While morning’s in mid-July offer insane hatches and dry fly fishing, the evening rises can also be out of this world. Huge caddis hatches, with some duns popping and spinner falls; occur most evenings. For those wanting to fish ’til they drop, we can sneak back out to some great areas to fish the last of the day away.

Having said  that, we find that most trip participants have caught enough fish during the day to not feel compelled to have to go back out on evening. Most preferring to have few drinks before retiring at a decent hour in order to repeat the entire cycle the following day.

Please note that the option to fish the evening rise on the Missouri is available each night.

On the fifth morning, after three very big days of fishing; we make the short 2hr 30m drive to Dillon, Montana; for the second leg of the trip. This drive will offer participants the chance to visit 1-3 places of interest along the way. The ghost town of Virginia City or the Californian chic Main St in downtown Bozeman. Others may choose to visit the western edge of Yellowstone National Park, or have a leisurely day of touring with short wade fishing sessions along the way.

Drifting the Missouri River in Montana



Dillon, MT. Beaverhead, Big Hole, Madison 3

Here you will get the opportunity to fish the incredible Beaverhead River with its trophy brown trout. This is a very small, narrow, meandering river, with excellent dry fly and nymph fishing. Also within striking distance of the town of Dillon are the Big Hole, Jefferson, Ruby and Madison rivers. All world-class fisheries in their own right. There are simply too many world-famous rivers to fish in this area; and the three days are guaranteed to meld into a kaleidoscope of good-sized fish, spectacular scenery and warm summer weather.

All of the aforementioned rivers are world-famous and for very good reason. They all offer amazing dry fly fishing to wild fish in a typically Montanan landscape.

Bo releasing a fish on the Beaverhead River, Montana.

On Day 9 we get up early and after breakfast, head east towards Yellowstone National park for a leisurely rest day of sightseeing and touring. Sit back and take in the view as we drive you across into Yellowstone National Park to see the main attractions en-route to Idaho. Think geysers, wildlife and some stunning scenery.

We will even have the opportunity to stop for a terrific lunch at one of our favourite restaurants along the way, as well as partake in some uniquely American experiences.

Arriving in the small town of Victor later that day, we will then settle in and prepare for the last three days of fishing.


Victor, ID. Snake, South Fork, Henry’s Fork, Teton 4

The town of Victor is located in the quiet and often overlooked Teton Valley. This picturesque valley, and the areas immediately adjacent, are a hidden treasure and are home to some of the best dry fly rivers in the entire USA. The South Fork of the Snake. The Teton. The Henry’s Fork are but a few of the legendary streams within short driving distance of our accommodation. Not to mention the Snake River proper; a mere half hour over the pass into Wyoming.

Each of the aforementioned rivers would make it onto a ‘world’s top ten dry fly rivers’ list; all having world-class hatches and big numbers of fish. Some having upwards of 7,000 trout per mile!!

The South Fork offers an almost unparalleled drift boat fishing experience. From run-and-gun blind fishing the banks with big rubber-legged flies; to stalking shallow gravel bars covered with cutthroat trout feeding on the Pale Morning Dun (PMD) hatch. This incredible river is located only 35 minutes from our accommodation.

The small and intimate Teton River is almost the polar opposite of the South Fork with both excellent drift boat and wade fishing on offer. A large spring creek with plenty of slow water and numerous fish rising to a myriad bug hatches that include PMD’s, tricos, yellow sallies and many other mayfly and caddis species. It also has tremendous terrestrial fishing, as well as a canyon trip that has to be experienced to be believed, with the launch itself requiring a team of men to get the boat to the bottom of a mountain using only ropes, pulleys and brute strength!

The Teton Canyon trip is an experience not to be missed.

In this valley you will find fishing and scenery that is hard to match; and we believe it is the perfect location at which to end the trip.

This will be our eleventh consecutive year of fishing this valley with groups from Australia.

WorldCast Anglers will be providing the guides on this leg. Mike and the team offer an exemplary guide service and have been looking after our groups of Australians for many years now.

After three days of guided fishing and four nights lodging in Victor, the trip will end the following day at Jackson Hole airport.



On this trip, we provide all of the transport so you don’t need to worry about car rentals, the cost of fuel, having reception for Google Maps; or driving on the opposite side of the road!

We will collect you from Bozeman Airport at the beginning of the trip, and drop you off at Jackson Hole Airport at trips end. Travelling in late model Chevy Suburbans, there will be plenty of room for both you and your bags to travel in comfort.

Travel days are scheduled to allow a break from the fishing and so that you have a chance to see and experience more of Montana away from river. You can still fish on these days if that is your preference.


All accommodation is included and is of a high standard. Wherever possible we rent comfortable, well-appointed homes in each of the areas that we fish. Some homes will require that you share a room with other members of your party. In others you may be fortunate enough to secure a room to yourself.

Couples will always get a private room and en-suite of their own.

Sourcing suitable quality accommodation in these destinations is extremely difficult for these high-season dates, with demand hugely outstripping supply and most places booking out 10-12 months in advance.


On the guided days, lunch will be provided by your guides. Breakfasts and dinners are mostly eaten out, with the former easily purchased from one of several establishments that cater to anglers looking to grab a quick breakfast on the go on the way to the river. In regard to dinners, there are a number of good dining options in each of the towns we visit. For those who prefer to self-cater, please note that all of the homes we rent have fully-equipped kitchens.


All participants will have the opportunity to book the South Fork Hilton trip. This two-day, 26 mile float takes anglers into the heart of the South Fork Canyon, and is a chance to experience dry fly fishing at its finest. The trip includes: a professional guide and drift boat, a deluxe tent camp, private chef, fresh water spring, 2-days guided fishing, meals, drinks, use of Orvis rods/reels, and transportation. This is an additional component that can be added to your trip, replacing two days of regular fishing on the last leg in Idaho. Prices on Application.

Our Montana Trip will offer up a veritable feast of dry fly fishing opportunities, falling as it does at the very peak of the northern hemisphere, high-summer fishing season. It is suitable for fly fishers of all ages, fitness and / or experience levels; and to date has been popular with couples, families, and groups / pairings of friends.

With the vast majority of the fishing being done out of drift boats, there is no need to walk big distances, or navigate rough terrain. Over the years we have had clients  ranging in age from 16-81.

This trip is suitable for pairs or even larger groups. If you are a single angler wanting to come along;  please contact us and we will find you a fishing partner.


9 days of guided drift boat and wade fishing, 12 nights of comfortable accommodation, lunches on all guided days, and all transport in late model Chevy Suburban (or similar) vehicles.

All you need to do is get yourself to the starting point of Bozeman Airport (Airport code BZN) by the scheduled start date.


Flights to and from Bozeman, meals (see above), fishing licences, flies,  tips/gratuities to guides.

Please phone us on 03 5773 2513 or 0418 995 611 to discuss the trip in more detail.



 due to our long standing relationships with people in the fly fishing industry in the U.S.A. – and because we book twelve months in advance – we can ensure that you secure some of the best guides and accommodation at each location / river.

  these trips are limited to a maximum of 8 participants and we will have three staff assisting for the duration to ensure that all goes smoothly. We do all the driving and organising. You do all the fishing!

  we deal with all the outfitters, guides and accommodation providers in the U.S.A. on behalf of our group – meaning that you only deal with us. Transactions are with an Australian company that you can trust (26 years in business) and who you can phone/visit at any time to discuss any aspect of the trip.

we have extensive experience traveling to and from, as well as within the regions we fish in Idaho/Montana/Wyoming. As such, we can assist you with all aspects of the trip; from what gear to pack, to which travel insurance policies are best, and everything else in between. We can also assist you to organise any extra fishing / touring time that you may have, either pre or post trip.

our team will be there to support you for the duration of the trip; staying in the same accommodation and providing transport each day. Guided fishing will be booked through some of the best outfitters in the U.S.A. We are not guiding on this trip, but we will be available to assist you and you will get the opportunity to fish with us on at least one day. 2020 will be our eleventh year of running these trips.


1. Phone us to discuss your needs and determine whether this trip is a good fit.
2. Visit the ESTA website and get a Visa waiver for travel to the USA.
3. Organise your travel insurance.
4. Book your spot by paying us a 50% deposit, with balance due no later than March 12, 2020.


Phone us on 03 5773 2513 with any questions that you have. We are available from 8am – 10pm, every single day of the year and we can assist you with all aspects of the trip.

Please note the Cancellation Policy before making a booking. ;-)



Bird’s eye view. Simply too much water to fish.
The dry fly fishing is second to none.
Drifting the South Fork of the Snake with WorldCast Anglers –
We source out some very comfortable lodging


The South Fork Hilton trip is also available – please ask for more details and a price

The South Fork Hilton trip is also available – please ask for more details and a price
The South Fork Hilton trip is also available – please ask for more details and a price
The South Fork Hilton trip is also available – please ask for more details and a price
The South Fork Hilton trip is also available – please ask for more details and a price
The South Fork Hilton trip is also available – please ask for more details and a price