• Streamcraft is a term that we helped to popularise in this country, and it was one of the first services that we offered back when we started up in 1994.
  • A streamcraft session is an ideal choice for fly fishers who are not consistently catching fish, or for even for those who just want to improve their river fishing skill-set.
  • As expert river anglers and fly fishing instructors, we will quickly identify and correct any problem areas you may have, as well as advance your knowledge of the art and craft of locating and catching fish in rivers and streams.

Nothing is more important in fly fishing than learning to read the water

Streamcraft is the name used to describe the collective skill-set required to find, fool, and catch trout in running water.

All of our instructors are ‘mad’ about river fishing and have spent a considerable part of their lives chasing trout in streams. In fact, the first question we recommend that you ask a potential instructor or guide is simply;  do you fish/guide on a daily basis? All of our guides are out on the rivers and streams of the region.

Every. Single. Day.

We chose the Alexandra / Thornton area as our base back in 1994 because it has two of the best rivers in Victoria within a few minutes drive of town. The Goulburn and Rubicon Rivers are very different and offer every situation you are likely to encounter while trout fishing, both here and around the world.

From the small stream Rubicon River with it’s classic pool, riffle, run structure, to the majestic Goulburn River tailwater with its 50 metre wide gravel bars and terrific hatch based fishing. These two rivers are polar opposites and therefore complementary, when utilised to instruct our clients in the art of streamcraft.

Streamcraft lessons typically involve time on both rivers, allowing us to teach both small and large stream skill-sets. This can be modified as per the clients individual needs or the conditions at the time. A full day of streamcraft instruction may include time on both rivers, multiple sessions on an individual stream, or a visit to one of the other rivers in the region.

All of our guides are passionate river fishermen, each of whom have taught thousands of fly fishers the art of streamcraft over the past 26 years. We leave no stone unturned,  entomological pun intended, in helping you to develop your skills.

An example of the sort of skills taught on a daily basis are:

  • Choosing gear including appropriate clothing and footwear.
  • Setting up your gear.
  • How to read the water at a distance.
  • How to enter the water and approach a fish or likely spot.
  • Wading safely and stealthily.
  • How to match the hatch and choose flies.
  • Interpreting trout rise forms.
  • Casting techniques and appropriate presentation.
  • Drag free drifts and how to achieve them in any type of water.
  • Timing the strike and hooking fish.
  • Fighting fish quickly and effectively.
  • Releasing fish unharmed.
  • The ethics of interacting with fish, streams, landowners and other anglers.

These are just some of the many things that our instructors will cover in any given session.

All of our staff are full time fly fishing instructors with a knack for imparting information and skills attained over a lifetime of fishing.

A full day streamcraft session is perhaps the single most important thing that the beginner/intermediate fly fisher can do to make the next jump to consistently catching fish. In the space of a single day, we will get you understanding the key concepts and leave you capable of independent progress; cutting many years from the learning process and increasing your enjoyment of fly fishing in the process.

Streamcraft/Instruction Prices

* Half day – 4 hours —— $450 —– 1 or 2 anglers
* Full day – 8 hours —— $690 —– 1 or 2 anglers –  includes lunch.

** All guided trips include use of gear (if required) and all flies. They also include drinking water. Lunch is provided for all full day bookings. B.Y.O. lunch and save $10 off the advertised price.

Please view our current prices by clicking here or phone us on 03 5773 2513 or 0418 995 611 for more information. We are available on the phone from 8am – 10pm, every day of the year.

Please note the Cancellation Policy before making a booking. ;-)