FlyTying Instruction

Tying flies is not difficult. In fact it’s rather easy. If you can follow a basic recipe from a cook book; you can learn to tie flies.

A lot of pleasure is derived from catching fish on flies that you’ve tied yourself and we love teaching people this skill. We can impart to you the basic principles and explain the  steps and techniques required to tie thousands of different fly patterns, in a single day.

While occasionally we run group workshops, flytying tuition is available every single day of the year. We are available to assist you either 1:1 or for small groups, at the time of your choosing.

Participants will learn the most common techniques as well as the most important fly patterns for fishing for trout in Australia. We run through a range of the fly patterns used locally and teach the tying methods. We touch on when/how to fish them, all the while relating it back to the life cycle of the various insects they represent.

These sessions are a lot of fun and they are perfect for those making the first steps into flytying.

To learn more or make a booking, please phone us on 03 5773 2513 or 0418 995 611 from 8am – 10pm, any day of the week.