New Zealand Trips



  • One full week running Sunday to Sunday from December to April.
  • Small group sizes (4 anglers: 2 guides) with 1:2 guide:client ratio.
  • Cottage accommodation > 150 metres from a world-class river with 3 – 12 lb trout.
  • Numerous clear flowing streams within a 30 minute drive.
  • A mix of home-cooked and local restaurant dinners.
  • A relaxed social experience each night with the guides and other participants.
  • Suitable for all fly fishers of any age / experience / fitness level.
  • Couples friendly. We have separate/private accommodation for couples.
  • Bring a friend or let us find you a suitable fishing partner.
  • An experienced team of guides who’ve worked together for more than 20 years.
  • FREE orientation and skill-building days to prepare clients for their trip.
  • GVFFC has been guiding fly fishers full-time since 1994.
  • Fully licensed to guide in New Zealand – Licence # PAC-14-06-91
  • Low price of only  $4,590 AUD per person (approximately $3,000 U.S.D.).
  • Read our TripAdvisor reviews to hear what our client’s have to say about our New Zealand trips. Some have been re-booking for the past twenty years!


2021 DATES

6 SUN 14 FEB – SUN 21 FEB NO
7 SUN 21 FEB – SUN 28 FEB NO


Our trips include seven nights of accommodation and six days of guided fly fishing. The trip price includes all transport, accommodation, meals, flies and guided fishing. Alcohol, fishing licence, incidental purchases, and flights are the only things not included in the price.

With some of the best trout streams in New Zealand a literal stone’s throw away, and a great team of experienced guides helping to bring out your very best; these New Zealand trips offer incredible value for money.


Our base of operations is located in the stunning Aparima River valley, at the geographical centre of the Southland region. This wide, flat valley, flanked by low mountains and back-dropped by the jagged peaks of Fiordland off to the west, is the perfect location for fly fishers looking to target the trophy trout of the Southland region of New Zealand.

With more than 40 clear flowing rivers within a 75 minute drive, and a river with 3-7lb fish running through the property, we can minimise the amount of time spent in the car each day; and maximise the amount of time spent stalking wild, New Zealand trout.

Fishing to sighted fish is the name of the game.


The South Island of New Zealand is very easy to get to for most for our clients who come from Australia. Inexpensive three-hour, direct flights depart from all east coast capitals to Queenstown daily.

From the USA, direct flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston to Auckland depart daily. From Auckland it is a short flight to Queenstown. Most of our clients from America choose to take an overnight flight in order to lessen the affects of the change in time-zone.

Please be aware that while travelling to NZ from the USA you will be crossing the International Dateline; so you’ll jump forward two days on the calendar. As such, we recommend that you consult with a travel agent to ensure that you allow adequate time to arrive for the scheduled start of your trip.

Once on the ground in Queenstown, representatives from our company will be awaiting your exit from NZ Customs and Immigration. When you emerge you will be whisked away on a stunning ninety-minute drive down to the farmhouse and the beginning of your week of fishing.

The majority of the fishing is upstream to sighted fish,


There are several accommodation options on the property, but most of our groups stay in the cottage.

It has three bedrooms, a bathroom, lounge area, kitchen, and outdoor deck for BBQ’s in summer, and caters for groups of four to six anglers. Each bedroom has two comfortable single beds, set up as a twin-share arrangement.

The amenities are clean and comfortable but not upmarket. Think three star but in a peaceful rural setting, only 100 metres from a beautiful river.

There is also a single room aka loft adjacent to the main homestead near the guide’s quarters. This is suitable for couples and only available subject to availability.


We have approximately two – three meals each week in the main homestead, including on the first night of the trip when guests arrive (Sunday). These meals are prepared by the owner of the property.

On the other nights we eat out at local restaurants. Sometimes this can be up to an hour away from the farmhouse, when for example we choose stay out to fish the evening hatch at a distant river. At other times it will be much closer to home (10 minute’s drive). We also try to have a B.B.Q. night on the deck of the farmhouse each week. Weather permitting.

Breakfasts are self-catered with all the staples provided. Muesli. Cereals. Eggs. Bacon. Toast. Fruit. Yogurt. Milk.

Lunches are prepared fresh each morning and usually take the form of healthy sandwiches, fresh fruit and some sweets. Bottled water is always available.


The Southland region of New Zealand is home to literally dozens of World-Class trout streams. While the Mataura and Oreti need no introduction and yes, you will have the opportunity to test your mettle against the wily inhabitants of these legendary rivers during your trip; it is the many other streams of the region, some nameless, others just overlooked in this the age of social media, that provide us with stellar dry fly fishing to large, sighted, rainbow and brown trout.

The average size is a solid 3-5 lb with many in the 7-8lb range. Unlike many other parts of the trout world, these large fish will eat dry flies at any time of the day.

Big fish eating dry flies is something the South Island is famous for.

The fishing in New Zealand can be demanding because your casting must be accurate; not only to ensure a good presentation, but also to remain unseen by the fish in the crystal clear water. The good news is that while casts must be accurate, they need not be long. Most fish can be approached to within a comfortable casting distance.

There are fishing options for fly fishers of all skill and fitness levels. In the case of the former, there are rivers where the fish are of a smaller average size e.g. 2 – 4 lb, but where they are a little easier to fool. As far as fitness is concerned, yes it’s true there are many rivers that require long walks, over often rough ground or big rocks. But for every one of those rivers, there is another that has fine, hard-packed gravel that is very easily navigated by anyone.

There are spring creeks, freestoners and tailwaters. It all comes down to what sort of water you prefer to fish each day. Want to chase trophy fish on the open windswept rivers of the main valley floor? No problem. Prefer a small stream where 3-5 lb fish are targeting willow grubs at very close range? We’ve got you covered.

Each day we will work with you to choose a fishing location based on your preferences, abilities, and of course; the weather.

Most rivers have fish averaging 3-5lb. Others have fewer, but bigger fish in the 7-8lb class.


All of our trips are based on a guide:client ratio of 1:2. That is, there is a guide for every two fly fishers. Most weeks are set out as four anglers with two guides, but we can cater to single anglers for 1:1 trips. No matter the number of people in the week you book, we never go beyond the 1:2 ratio that ensures that you get lots of quality time with a guide at your shoulder, and plenty of shots at sighted fish.

The average size of fish caught is a respectable 3-5lb!


Without a doubt, the best way to do this trip is with a friend/s or family member/s. Having someone you know to share the experience with makes it all the more enjoyable, and ensures for the best possible match in a fishing partner.

What’s more, when you book with a companion, we give you a free Gift Voucher for a full day of guided drift boat fishing on the Goulburn River (valued at $690) to share with the person who books with you. Book a full week and qualify for our hosted trip packages (see details below).

Please let us know if you are interested in more than one spot when you inquire so that we can discuss the options.


These trips are suitable for fly fishers of any age, experience or fitness level. We simply adjust the pace of the trip to suit the participants each week.

Don’t want to battle the wind or walk over rough ground due to an old knee complaint? No problem. We have plenty of sheltered rivers that have fine, hard packed gravel bottoms that make for easy wading. We regularly run trips for groups aged 70+, and can put together a fabulous week of fishing that isn’t physically demanding.

Conversely, for those of you wishing to pack in as much fishing as possible during your one week with us in New Zealand, our guides are all fit, hard-working and agile, and able to go as hard as you want each day.

Don’t be put off from booking because you don’t think you’ll be able to handle the fishing. We have built our business on getting people ready for their NZ trip and we can assist you with your casting pre-trip, as well as work with you day to day while there. We also run free orientation weekends for all participants at regular intervals throughout the year. 2020 is our 26th year in business and we have made our reputation on exceeding the expectations of our clients over that period.

If you’ve always wanted to fish New Zealand but have always thought it out of reach, please phone us for a friendly chat about how we can assist you to properly prepare for your adventure.

There are many rivers that offer easy wading over a fine gravel bed.


We are again running our free NZ Orientation Weekends  throughout 2020-2021 to assist participants with any and all aspects of the trip. With sessions on casting, gear set-up and streamcraft. This is two day event at our base of operations in Alexandra is a must-do for anyone who wishes to improve their skills prior to their trip.

Please visit the New Zealand Orientation Weekend page on our website to learn more.


As Australian citizens we are legally able to work in New Zealand. However, further to that, we are also licensed to guide in New Zealand by the Department of Conservation Southland – Concession # PAC-14-06-91. We have had this qualification for 20 years.

We are also members of the Professional Fishing Instructors and Guides Association of Australia (PFIGA). We are all licensed and insured, and hold First Aid, Swiftwater Rescue and Working with Children certification.

Each of our guides does upwards of 250+ days per year on both bank and drift boat. We are full-time professionals who do nothing but teach and guide fly fishing; also leading trips to Montana in our off-season, and to Patagonia and other parts of the fly fishing world.

We feel this is a very important factor when choosing a guide and we urge you to research any operation that you are considering booking with before committing. Our 26 years of excellent service is our guarantee of what you can expect from every member of our team.





  • A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. Payments can be made by credit card or EFT / bank wire transfer.
  • The 50% balance is due no later than three calendar months prior to the start date of your trip.
  • A valid credit card is also required at the time of booking, regardless of the chosen method of payment.

Our Cancellation Policy can be viewed here.

If you would like more information about these trips, please phone us or fill out the form below and we will get back you within 24 hours.

A detailed pre-trip packet describing all aspects of the trips is available upon request and can be emailed to you.

If you wish to speak with us, please use the contact details below.

If calling from Australia

Landline – 03 5773 2513
Mobile – 0418 995 611

If calling from the U.S.A.

Landline – 011 61 3 5773 2513
Mobile – 011 61 418 995 611

We thank you for taking the time to read about our New Zealand trips and we hope to have you fish with us sometime soon.